This resort has been built right in the village Zuberec. This resort includes artificial snowing of the slopes as well. Skiing slopes that are not very demanding are suitable for holiday skiers.

The resort is popular among skiers for its easy accessibility and high capacity of ski lifts. Services of the resort also include evening skiing.

Opening Hours

Mon. – Sun.: 900- 1600
Daily evening skiing: 1800- 2100

Ticket fees

Skiing during the day: adults 450,- SKK, children 350,- SKK 
Evening skiing: adults 350,- SKK, children 250,- SKK

Ski lifts

type of ski liftcapacitylength of slopesteffortnessstartfinishas*
Tatrapoma 960 p/hrs. 1. 200 m Medium 1. 000 m 740 m Yes
Tatrapoma 960 p/hrs. 1. 250 m Medium 1. 015 m 740 m Yes

* AS = artificial snow

Resort’s services

  • Ski service 
  • Ski school 
  • Night skiing 
  • Parking lot 


Phone: 043/539 58 45
web: www.zuberec.sk

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