This ski resort has been built right in the village Zuberec on the hillsides of the hill called Mních /1 110m/. Each year, well maintained ski slopes attract many tourists to this resort. The resort provides artificial snowing of the slopes, parking lot, board and lodging facilities.

In the end of each winter season, the resort organizes a ski contest. This contest can be entered by any ski lover.

Opening Hours

Mon. – Sun.: 900- 1600
Daily evening skiing: 1800- 2100

Ticket Fees

Skiing during the day: adults 450,- SKK, children 350,- SKK 
Evening skiing: adults 350,- SKK, children 250,- SKK

Ski lifts

type of ski liftcapacitylength of slopeseffortnessstartfinishas*
EPV-300 300 p/hrs. 300 m Medium 825 m 500 m Yes
H180 850 p/hrs. 1.100 m Medium 1.000 m 740 m Yes

* AS = artificial snow

Resort’s services

  • Ski service 
  • Ski rental
  • Night skiing 


Phone: 043/539 50 04
web: www.zuberec.sk