Ski resort situated in Studená dolina (Cold valley) under Roháče Mountains, near the village Habovka. It is a promising ski resort with developing board and lodging services.


Ski resort with good quality slopes. There are good conditions for cross-country skiing in the surroundings of the resort.

Podbiel-Pod Palenicou

A small ski resort located near the village Podbiel.

SKI Center Vitanova

A ski resort suitable for beginners and family skiing. Well maintained slopes satisfy all kind of visitors.

In the season 2005 – 2006, there will be opened a new ski lift as well as an artificial snowing of the slopes in the ski center Vitanova.


A ski resort located near the town Tvrdošín with easy slopes.


Small ski resort suitable for family skiing. This resort offers good conditions for skiing and hiking in Oravice.


This ski resort has been built right in the village Zuberec on the hillsides of the hill called Mních /1 110m/. Each year, well maintained ski slopes attract many tourists to this resort. The resort provides artificial snowing of the slopes, parking lot, board and lodging facilities.

In the end of each winter season, the resort organizes a ski contest. This contest can be entered by any ski lover.


An educational resort of the University of Žilina used for the necesity of ski courses.


This resort has been built right in the village Zuberec. This resort includes artificial snowing of the slopes as well. Skiing slopes that are not very demanding are suitable for holiday skiers.

The resort is popular among skiers for its easy accessibility and high capacity of ski lifts. Services of the resort also include evening skiing.

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