Orava Reservoir

Orava Reservoir offers good possibilities to lovers of water sports. It is a favourite place of lovers of yachting and windsurfing who use eastern and northwestern winds.

Rafting of river Orava

LengthDurationMax. ElevationMin. ElevationLevel of effort
57,3 km 8,5 hrs 569 m 430 m Raft of class WW I and WW II

The raft of river Orava is suitable for any lover of water tourism. Watercourse of the river is 50 – 60m wide. There are places of calm sections alternating with sections of torrent character. The most forceful part of the river occurs at its low stream stretching from Párnica to Kražovany. 

Rafting of river Oravica

LengthDurationMax. ElevationMin. ElevationLevel of Effort
21 km 3,5 hrs 714 m 569 m Low, class WW II

River Oravica springs in the northwestern part of Western Tatras. Rafting section stretches from village Vitanová and it is 21 km long. Rafting Oravica river is possible during spring and from the beginning of summer when the river is supplied by melted snow waters running from Western Tatras.

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