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Through the Kvacianska valley

LengthDurationMax. ElevationMin. ElevationLevel of effort
9,5 km 2,5 hrs 820 m 610 m low

This trip is not difficult and it runs through a deep canyon of the river Kvačianka. It is suitable for family trips.

It is a valley in the shape of carst straits with rocks and steep rocky walls. River Kvačianka creates waterfalls and cascades here. There are technical landmarks represented by an old wooden water mill and saw-mill situated in one part of the valley called Oblazy. It is a natural reservation with unique species of plant and animal life. 

Path description

#name of localityelevationdurationsmerznačka
1. Kvacany 610 m 0 min. stúpanie
2. Turn to Oblazy 722 m 45 min. stúpanie
3. Oblazy 712 m 15 min. klesanie
4. Huty 789 m 30 min. stúpanie
5. Gamekeeper’s lodge under Biela skala (White rock) 820 m 60 min. stúpanie

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