To the lakes of Rohace

LengthDurationMax. ElevationMin. ElevationLevel of effort
17,2 km 5,5 hrs 1 719 m 1 037 m Medium

It is a mountain trip of medium difficulty that runs through the educational footpath in Roháče Mountains. You can see interesting high mountainous sceneries when choosing this footpath. There are four lakes of Roháče, which belong to the beauties of this part of Roháče Mountains.

This footpath is educational. Visitors will continually learn about plant and animal life of Roháče Mountains from the information boards. There are plenty rest areas situated on this footpath. It is suitable for family trips as well.

Path description

#name of localityelevationdurationdirectionsign
1. Cottage Zverovka 1 037 m 0 min. stúpanie
2. Tatliak lake 1 370 m 90 min. stúpanie
3. Sad Valley 1 428 m 30 min. stúpanie
4. The Lakes of Rohace 1 719 m 60 min. stúpanie
5. The Waterfall of Rohace 1 340 m 60 min. klesanie
6. Adamcula 1 190 m 30 min. klesanie
7. Cottage Zverovka 1 037 m 60 min. klesanie

This footpath is closed seasonally from November 1st to June 15th in order to protect the nature of Tatras.