Mounting to Sivy Vrch (Grey Hill) / 1 805 m /

LengthDurationMax. ElevationMin. ElevationLevel of effort
16,1 km 6,5 hrs 1 805 m 820 m Medium

This footpath belongs to the crest paths of medium difficulty. It leads through picturesque localities of limestone rocks. These rocks belong to the most beautiful places on tourist footpath. There is a nice view from the peak of Sivý vrch (Grey hill) to the crest of Roháče Mountains as well as wide environs of Orava and Liptov regions.

This trip is advisable mainly when weather conditions are good. Some parts of tourist footpath in the top part of Sivý vrch (Grey hill) are secured by fixed chains. There is a natural reservation with high rock walls in the northern parts of Sivý vrch (Grey hill). It is called Úplazíky.

Path description

#name of localityelevationdurationdirectionsign
1. Gamekeeper’s lodge Biela Skala 1 086 m 0 min. stúpanie
2. Biela skala (White rock) 1 316 m 90 min. stúpanie
3. Sivy vrch (Grey hill) 1 640 m 90 min. stúpanie
4. Palenica saddleback 1 570 m 30 min. klesanie
5. Zuberec 850 m 180 min. klesanie

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