Paragliding is becoming more and more popular each year. This way, the fairness of region Orava may be admired from bird’s-eye view. The main conditions for paragliding are suitable wind and good weather. The length of flights varies from 5 minutes till couple of hours.

Paragliding can be held together with experienced instructors. It is necessary to complete the course of paragliding to be able to perform individual flights.

There is number of companies in Orava region that are specialized in this kind of extreme sport.

One of them is company  X-air
Instructor Róbert Kaučárik
mobile: 0904 292373

Photo galery

Paragliding from the peak of Malá Lučivná hill situated in Low Orava region
Picture of flying
Paragliding between the sky and earth...
Right before the flight...
At the top of the peak before flying
Paragliding to the valley