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Orava offers very good conditions for hiking all year round.

Biking tourism

Orava is a nice region that offers good quality landscapes suitable for biking tourism. Bikers may use trails of The Upper Orava on the newly opened Orava Bike Trail.


Motorists can admire the fairness of the region Orava through educational routes. Motoring routes lead to the most interesting historical and natural landscapes of The Upper Orava region. Individual routes may be done by car in one day. 

Motoring routes start in the town Trstená, from where distances of routes are counted in kilometers. All routes are directed towards interesting natural or cultural places. Main road communications lead through villages and towns and that is why the driving should be carried on more carefully.

Water tourism

The season for water sports in the region of Orava is carried on during summer. The favourite areas are situated around Orava Reservoir and the rivers Orava and Oravica.

Many local as well as foreign tourists participate in organized rafts of river Orava. Rafting the river Orava is connected to ancient history, when rafting of timber was common.


Orava offers a large scale of skiing resorts. The main centre of skiing is located in Roháče Mountains. Tourists may choose from the large scale of skiing resorts according to their possibilities.

Almost every village has its own skiing areas. Services for tourists are improving and widening each year. Suitable height above the sea level of skiing resorts in Orava offers enough snow during the whole winter season. 


The region Orava offers various suitable possibilities for mountaineering. The main centre for mountaineering is in Roháče Mountains. Large number of mountaineers is attracted by sufficient number of training limestone rocks in Oravice or by granite rocky walls in Roháče Mountains.


Paragliding is becoming more and more popular each year. This way, the fairness of region Orava may be admired from bird’s-eye view. The main conditions for paragliding are suitable wind and good weather. The length of flights varies from 5 minutes till couple of hours.

Balloon flights

Flying in warm-air balloon is an interesting and attractive sport. Lovers of balloon flying may watch the country from above. Balloon is moving towards direction of wind blowing. Rising and descending is directed by the amount of warm air in the balloon.

Water sports

Water sports are centered in Orava Reservoir. During summer season, main attention is paid to yachting, surfing, water skiing, water motor scooters, relaxed oaring and swimming.

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