Oravice- tourist region

Reasonably priced cottages, year round natural thermal bathing pools, ski lift, car-camping playgrounds and more make Oravice a favourite holiday and tourist resort.

For lovers of hiking Oravice is a starting point to the picturesque and secluded corners of Tichá, Juráňová, Bobrovecká, Suchá and Mihulčia dolina /valleys/ offering wonderful scenery full of multifarious gorges. The path in Juráňová valley has numerous bridges.Tiesňava in the Juráňová valley is a narrow canyon with hollowed basins known among the local people as pots, which have little waterfalls.Tiesňava is considered to be one of the most beautiful gorges in Slovakia.

Tourist and educational footpaths are well marked and maintained.

Natural thermal bathing pools

The main attraction in Oravice is the geo-thermal water spring from a depth of 1600 m and constant temperature of 57 °C. Water composition of sulphur-calcification-magnesia- iron attributes to curative effects especially for kidneys, urinary system and the extremities.

Opening hours

Summer season:
from 16.5 to 30.6. open: from 1000 to 2100
from 1. 7. to 31. 8. open: from 1000 do 2100

Winter season:
from 1. 9 to 15. 9. open: from 1000 to 2000
from 16. 9. to 15. 5. open: from 1200 to 2000

Admission fees:
children to 6: free
children from 6 to 15: 50.- Sk
adults: 120.- Sk

More information at phone number 043/ 539 44 40.

New attraction called Meander park
This year, there has been built new aquapark with geothermal water in Oravice. This water not only warms up but also heals. In the area of aquapark, there is large pool filled with crystal clean water, which is rich in minerals. There is also a smaller pool filled with natural thermal water with healing effects, which is suitable for relax. New aquapark offers wide range of services and various possibilities concerning boarding right inside the park.

More information www.meanderpark.com
Phone:043/5394 107

Oravice is a part of Tatra National Park and strict protection policies apply to this area.

Photo galery

Thermal pools in Oravice
Locality of thermal pools
View of the surroundings of thermal pools
Meander Park-new thermal pools
Entering area - Meander Park
Tourist information boards in Oravice
Oravice – enter into Tatra national park (TANAP)
Scenery of Oravice
Parking places in Oravice
Meander Park-thermal pools
Meander Park
Meander Park

Further information


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