The Roháče mountains

The Roháče mountains are justly praised as the most beautiful part of the Western Tatras.The name Roháče is derived from the name denoting the tops of the main ridge in the central part of the mountain range- The Ostrý Roháč and Plačlivô Mountains.

The extensive Roháčska dolina (valley) is surrounded by a crown of wonderful peaks dominated by the majestic Baníkov Mt./2184/.

Nearby,visitors can enjoy 60 kms of well marked footpaths. Červené vrchy (the Red Hills), Sivý vrch (the Grey Hill) and Osobitá, made of lime and dolomite are good examples of the varied local geology. About 20 small glacier lakes can be found in the Western Tatras. Roháčsky vodopád (Waterfall of Roháče) /18 m/ located below Roháče lakes is the highest waterfall and the best known area in this locality.

Close to Roháče is a unique outdoor museum of Orava village that can be visited at Brestová, which is approximately three kilometers from Zuberec.

The passages in the cave of Zuberec are 650 m long although this cave is not accessible for tourists yet.

Celá oblasť Roháčov je turisticky veľmi známa pre svoje neopakovateľné prírodné krásy.The exposed mountain hikes are suitable for sturdy tourists. Some of the tourist paths are secured by chains.

An educational footpath leads through the Roháče lakes and provides beautiful natural scenery.

Rohače is a part of Tatra National Park and strict protection policies apply to this area.

Photo galery

Tichá valley in Oravice, there is polish Tatra Mountains in the background
Roháče Mountains in the springRoháče na jar
Roháče Mountains
View of Roháče Mountains from the peak of Volovec hill /2084m/
Roháče Mountains
Roháče Mountains –eastern ridge
The cottage of Tatliak in Smutná valley
The Waterfall of Roháče

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