The Roháče mountains

The Roháče mountains are justly praised as the most beautiful part of the Western Tatras.The name Roháče is derived from the name denoting the tops of the main ridge in the central part of the mountain range- The Ostrý Roháč and Plačlivô Mountains.

The extensive Roháčska dolina (valley) is surrounded by a crown of wonderful peaks dominated by the majestic Baníkov Mt./2184/.

Oravice- tourist region

Reasonably priced cottages, year round natural thermal bathing pools, ski lift, car-camping playgrounds and more make Oravice a favourite holiday and tourist resort.

Orava Reservoir

Orava Reservoir , built in 1953 at the confluence of the rivers Biela Orava and Čierna Orava (White Orava and Black Orava), is the largest recreational water area in Slovakia.Its total area is 35 square kilometers. This popular resort lake with an average depth of 15 m, is excellent for water sports and fishing.

Skorušina Mountains

Skorušina Mountains are located in the northern section of the West Tatras. They offer silence as well as wonderful views. Mushroom, blackberry or raspberry picking is also very popular. There is an outdoor thermal pool open to visitors all year round. 

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