Subregion of Liptov is formed by a long 80 km basin formed by the River Váh flowing eastwest throughout the basin. It is surrounded by the five highest mountain ranges in Slovakia namely High Tatras, Low Tatras, Western Tatras, Big Fatra and the Choč Hills all of which provide outstanding natural features which are attractive for visitors.

Low Orava

Low Orava region lies in the southern part of former administrative district Orava. The region of White Orava lies in the north and the region of the Upper Orava lies in the northeast. Frontiers of the Low Orava region are similar to frontiers of Dolný Kubín County.


It is typical mountain foot area neighbouring with Orava region in the south at the polish side of the border. Podhalie stretches from Beskydy to Tatras, from Babia hora (Babia hill – 1725m) through Nowy Targ town to Bukovina Tatrzanska hills. The main centre of tourism is in Zakopane town and its surroundings. This region is good for tourism all year round.

Upper Orava

The region of the Upper Orava is the combination of almost everything that the nature can offer. There are many plant and animal species living here. This region also offers interesting scenery. This region is mainly formed by mountain range of Western Tatras called Roháče and Skorušinské Mountains.

White Orava

White Orava is the northernmost part of Slovak Republic. From Poland it is divided by Oravské Beskydy massif (Babia hora 1723 m) and from the south by Oravská Magura mountains (Magurka 1112 m). The river White Orava springs here and it empties into Oravská Priehrada (Orava Reservoir).

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