Folk culture

The folk culture in the Orava region was tightly connected with the folk traditions during the whole year. Important events such as weddings or other special holidays were a good opportunity for entertainment. Carnivals and dance parties on St. Katherine's Day or on St. Stephen's Day have a long history of existence.

The basic feature of folk culture is dancing and singing. The most typical men's dance is called „odzemok“. It is primarily a solo dance, men often danced it with „valaška“ (a typical Slovak axe with a wooden handle and iron blade). Then there were round dances which were danced by girls and young women. The most favourite dances were those of dancing in couples, danced by men and women.

The most typical for the Orava region are the Goral dances with their lively choreography. The dances were supplemented by folk music. The typical musical instrument of the Orava folk music is a violin.

Folk dances have been preserved especially thanks to several folk groups, ensembles and folk festivals.

We can see these dances during the performances of local folk ensembles e. g. the Skorušina folk ensemble from Liesek and the Oravan folk ensemble from Nižná.

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