Folk architecture

Folk architecture in Orava is represented by close contact of a man with nature. The main construction material was timber.

Cabered tree trunks formed the walls of houses. Roofs were covered with wooden shingles. Houses had rectangular ground-plans with three rooms. Houses of Goral villages differ in the ground-plans and types of construction.

Houses in Orava used to have divided backyards. Joint backyards used to consist of 3 – 4 houses. Joint backyards have been preserved in the Museum of folk architecture Bobrova raža in the village Podbiel.

The most beautiful buildings of folk architecture can be found in the Museum of Orava village in Zuberec – Brestová. Wooden Church in Tvrdošín from the second half of 15th century is also interesting. It belongs to the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia.

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