Slanica’s Island of the Arts

The island is located in the middle of Orava Reservoir surrounded by romantic scenery. Lasting exposition of folk art called “Slovak traditional folk plastic art and painting” is located inside the authentic Baroque chapel. The exposition also comprises lapidary of stone plastic art called “Orava’s creations made of stone”. Both expositions were opened to public between years 1971 – 1973. There are also polychrome and stone plastic arts from 18th – 20th centuries exhibited here together with exhibition of the history of flooded villages.

During summer season, there is a boat “Slanica” sailing to the island from the quay in Slanická Osada and excursion boat sailing from the quay “Oravská priehrada” (Orava Reservoir), stops at the Slanica’s Island of Arts.

Photo galery

Na Slanickom ostrove
Vchod do lapidária
Múzeum na Slanickom ostrove
Budova galérie umenia
Interiér galérie na Slanickom ostrove

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