Erb obce Obecný úrad Hladovka
Hladovka 45
027 13 Suchá Hora

Phone: 043/539 77 02
Fax: 043/539 72 93
E-mail: ocuhladovka@orava.sk
Www: www.ocuhladovka.orava.sk


The first written evidence of Hladovka is from 1558. Number of inhabitants:930
Elevation: 756 m a.s.l The original name of village was Jelešňa. It lies on the downhills of Skorušina mountains. There is a Roman Catholic Church from 1808. The occurence of a black stork and peat land is very important as well. Goral dialect is the typical language spoken there.Goral costumes and goral folk traditions are preserved. Hladovka is a part of a small Tatran circuit.


Roman-Catholic Church of Virgin Mary Ascension was built in Baroque style in 1808. Church murals by national artist J.Hanula can be seen. Statue of St. Florian in front of the church

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Pohľad na Hladovku
Kostol Nanebovzatia Panny Márie

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