Erb obce Obecný úrad Habovka
Habovka 266
027 23 Habovka

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The first written evidence of Habovka is from 1593. Number of inhabitants: 1345.
Elevation: 725 m a.s.l. The village belonged to Orava castle and it was administrated by reeves. Habovka was officially registrated as a part of Walachian settlements in 1598. Inhabitants lived mainly from grazing sheep, producing linen, clothes, shingles and iron ore mining. The Habovka´s and Zuberec´s inhabitants built a Baroque style brick church between 1817-1929.


The Memorial plaque commemorating the World War I and II victims is located inside thd church. 
The church built between 1817 - 1820, which was reconstructed in 1952. 
Chapel with statue of Virgin Mary from 1812 belongs to sacral sights together with Baroque organ from 18th century. 

Eating out

Cafe Club Boston , Phone: 043/539 50 35

Photo galery

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