Erb obce Mestský úrad Tvrdošín
Trojičné námestie 185
027 44 Tvrdošín

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Fax: 043/532 21 07


The first written evidence of Tvrdošín is from 1265. Number of inhabitants: 9450. Elevation:570 m a.s.l. The year 1265 and 1396 were ones of the most significant milestones in the history of Tvrdošín, when King Bela IV. issued a charter and King Louis awarded it the privileges of a royal town. Inhabitants of the town lived from agriculture, bovine breeding and they also developed crafts. Pottery, brewery and stonemasonry were flourishing together with the production of linen. Findings from Bronze Age have proved the existence of settlement for a long time. These findings were discovered in 19th century in Medvedzie, Krásna Hôrka and neighbouring town of Nižná. Krásna Hôrka and Medvedzie belong to the town of Tvrdošín. Krásna Hôrka was developed in the beginning of 15th century during Walachian colonisation. Religious life of local inhabitants is remembered by a wayside Baroque chapel, bell-tower and Marian pillar. The part Medvedzie was developed in 1355 as yeomen‘s village. It preserved its yeoman’s origin in the architecture of classicistic manor-houses from the end of 18th and beginning of 19th centuries. 


The Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church.

The most significant historical landmark is the wooden Gothic Roman Catholic church built in 15th century - the church received special recognition from the Europe Nostra organisation and is open to public all year round.

Maria Medvecka Gallery.


Turistická ubytovňa SOU-Lesnícke , Phone: 043/5309311 , mobil: 0908048338
Turistická ubytovňa pri SPŠ , Phone: 043/5322317 , fax: 043/5322395 , mobil: 0915532346

Eating out

Koruna , Phone: 043/532 23 60

Photo galery

Budova mestského úradu
Nákupné centrum v Tvrdošíne
Na hlavnej ceste
galéria Márie Medveckej
Drevený kostolík
Letecký pohľad na mesto
Pamätník Marka Frauwirtha
Farský kostol sv.Trojice

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