Stefanov nad Oravou

Erb obce Obecný úrad Štefanov nad Oravou
Štefanov nad Oravou
027 44 Tvrdošín

Phone: 043/532 24 26
Fax: 043/532 24 26


The first written evidence of Štefanov nad Oravou is from 1355. Number of inhabitants:610 Elevation: 570 m a.s.l. The village was founded in 1968 and it is situated on the Orava ´s river right bank under Orava Reservoir's wall. There are good conditions for fishing, bathing and picking up the wild fruit in the surroundings ot the village, located at the base of the Orava Magura mountain.
There are two churches, two bell towers, a chapel and a house dating from 1787 inthevilla- inanvas.Folk traditions are preserved here. 


Canvas curia/ house number 39/ is from 1818.
Canvas curia/house number 60/ is from 1789.
The Church of St. Constantine and St. Metod.
The Church of Virgin Mary Visitation.

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Letecký záber na Holný Štefanov
Dolný Štefanov
Štefanov nad Oravou

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