There are typical species of mountain and submontane zones of the Carpathian Mountains. Forests abound in roe deer. There are bears, wolves, foxes, boars, martens, hares and squirrels living in the forests.

A rare animal living in the mountains of Roháče is a chamois. Groups of birds living in Orava’s forests are also numerous, let us mention for example a heat cock, a mountain cock, a hawk, birds of the eagle family, a cuckoo, an owl, an eagle owl, etc.


There are numerous protected species of plants in the region of Orava – the Gentian family, edelweiss, a wind flower, an alpine aster, a lady’s slipper orchid, a slipperwort, a sundew, a globeflower, a beroe and others.

Specific geologic, geographic and climatic conditions, especially in the upper part of the region, gave rise to well-known peat bogs.

Protected landscape region (CHKO) of the Upper Orava

Orava is the northernmost region that is rich in natural beauties. In 1979, the 58 738 ha “Protected landscape region (CHKO) of the Upper Orava” was created to protect the nature.

The preservation of natural recourses is secured in four zones A, B, C and D. There are 17 protected peat bogs in CHKO of the Upper Orava.

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